Built a cabin.

Built a barn.

Built a life.

Welcome to Life in the Foothills.

Hi there! We’re Willie and Kat, a couple of opposites who accidentally got together and spent the better part of a lifetime chasing a dream. Reality took us in a different direction. Never expected to be here. Never expected to love it.

Here on the ridge, we try to simplify life with downsizing and DIY. With a background in education and the social sciences, Kat’s known for sound advice and action on relationships, educational how-tos, and – on a less serious side – some rather hilarious Pinterest fails. Willie, on the other hand, is a true Renaissance man. Part photographer, part construction worker, part music aficionado, his engineering background has proven useful as time and time again, we find it necessary to construct or deconstruct on the acreage known as Two Rocker Ridge.

We are happy to share our adventures – and often comical misadventures – with you. We are glad you are here!